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15 May, 2012

Xisico XS46U Close Up Photos

New to Archer Airguns is the Xisico XS46U underlever air rifle. So, I thought many readers would be interested to see some closeups of this model, particularly as there's a surprise to be found once the stock is removed.

There's an underlever release mechanism situated below the front sight assembly. Pull back on the end of the lever to disengage.

The cocking lever comes down like this.
Here's a view of the cocking mechanism linkage.
Passing towards the rear of the XS46U, we can see the rear open, fiber optic sights, adjustable for elevation and windage. The loading port is directly behind the sights.
For safety, there's a lever that must be thumbed forward before the cocking lever can be raised back to the shooting position.
With the stock removed, the linkage for this safety mechanism is clearly seen.
Here's the surprise! This comparison of the XS46U with the mortal remains of an old Shanghai Airguns QB36-2 (aka Tech Force TF 99) shows a very strong family resemblance, as you can see. The compression chambers of both guns are actually the same length, although the perspective of the photograph makes them look different.
Now obviously the XS46U is not "the same gun" as the QB36-2, but it looks as if both use some common assemblies. That certainly makes sense from a product design and manufacturing perspective and such similarities are far from uncommon elsewhere in the airgun world, as many people know.


Anonymous,  Tuesday, 22 May, 2012  

Interesting!!! Thanks for showing us, Stephen. Geneology of airguns is always good to understand.

Mike B

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