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03 May, 2012

Special Deal on QB18 Air Rifle With FREE Scope

Now that our special on the QB6 air rifle is nearly over - there's just a couple of rifles remaining - we have a new special on the QB18. The QB18 air rifle was manufactured by the Shanghai Airgun Factory. Our QB18s are new, in their original boxes, but have been sitting in a warehouse for 3 or 4 years. They are clean and serviceable, ideal for use in informal target shooting or plinking. The easy break barrel cocking and fairly light weight means that these guns remain fun to shoot for a long period (unlike many more powerful spring-powered air rifles). And they're just $54.99 each!

The QB18 is light weight break barrel air rifle that's easy to cock and use fun to use. The muzzle velocity specification is 600fps in .177 caliber and we're seeing muzzle velocities ranging from 580 fps with heavy (7.92 grain) wadcutter pellets to 725fps with lead-free pellets in samples we've tested, so that specification is pretty accurate.
As a bonus, these guns are supplied with a FREE unmounted 4 x 32 scope and rings - a $10.00 value! True, this is not the greatest scope ever made, but it works well with the QB18 and gives improved practical accuracy compared to the open sights.
Testing at Archer Airguns has found the barrels on these guns to be remarkably accurate. The only downside is that the trigger is heavy. We've recorded pull weights around 6lbs. This is an inherent characteristic of many spring/piston air rifles of this basic type and many shooters are quite happy with the trigger once they become used to it.
Archer Airguns Bronze Service testing only is available, but every QB18 sold will be test-fired 3 times for functionality. At this price, please do not expect the gun to be absolutely perfect, some may benefit from a little "tender, loving care". As you will understand, we cannot offer replacements or refunds on these guns. If you cannot accept these terms, please do not buy.
The QB18 is solidly constructed in the traditional manner from wood and metal, with just a few plastic parts. At our pricing, this is a great deal! Available in limited quantities in .177 caliber only.


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