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16 April, 2012

An upgraded QB78 Air Rifle from The Netherlands

Steve Groenewegen, one of our Dutch customers, kindly sent some photographs of his upgraded QB78 air rifle.

As you can see, Steve's air rifle looks very good! He's fitted it with a Walther 6 x 42 scope and an NcStar bipod, which is mounted onto the forend of the stock. The silencer is from a Weirauch HW100 that is mounted on the barrel with an adapter. Note that - unlike the US - most European countries encourage the use of silencers on air rifles, so this fitting is legal on Steve's gun in The Netherlands.

Steve also has fitted an Archer Airguns Oversize Bolt Handle to his airgun and an Archer Airguns XP Tune Kit. He also supplied test data showing that this rig achieves a muzzle velocity of 616fps at only 54 degrees F with 11.9 Grain RWS Sportline pellets. That's about 9.27 ft/lbs.

As the muzzle velocity of QB78-type air rifles increases with temperature at about 2 fps per degree F, that means that Steve's gun would be shooting at about 656fps at 74 degrees F.

Very nice!

Steve, thanks for sharing...


Anonymous,  Thursday, 19 April, 2012  

It is gratifying to read about Archer Airguns' customers experiences and airgun modification accomplishments.

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