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04 April, 2012

Another AR2078A Air Rifle Test Target

Here's a test target from today's Gold Service testing. It shows the results we obtained from a new Industry Brand AR2078A air rifle that was shipped to a customer this afternoon.

The 10-shot group is reasonably typical of what we achieve with unselected (and cheap!) The Peak wadcutter pellets. I could have called the furthest left shot a flyer as I knew at the time I'd "pulled" the shot a little, but as it was still in the main group, it was counted. Most customers will shoot better than me!

The trigger pull weight is about average for an AR2078A and the standard deviation of 6fps is very close to the normal average of 5 fps that we find with QB78-type air rifles.

The main difference from normal was the muzzle velocity. Before starting the test, I found that this gun was shooting somewhat slow - about 580 fps at 63 degrees F - so I swapped the breech seal for an Archer Airguns high flow replacement. The result was that the muzzle velocity jumped to an average of 649 fps at 63 degrees F, as you can see.

Swapping the breech seal is a normal part of what Archer Airguns does for a Gold Service test on a QB78 family air rifle if the muzzle velocity of the gun being tested is significantly adrift from the manufacturer's specifications - in this case, 600fps at 65 degrees F for these guns in .177 caliber.

As the muzzle velocity of all CO2 guns varies with temperature, we always quote the temperature in any figures published by Archer Airguns. That 650fps at 63 degrees F is going to equal a muzzle velocity of around 690fps at 85 degrees F with the same gun and same pellets.

Beware any muzzle velocities quoted for QB78-type air rifles that don't indicate the pellet and temperature also!


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