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07 October, 2011

So when is a Beeman Model 1073 a Grizzly X2?

Sharp-eyed visitors to WalMart may have noticed that something’s changed about the Beeman dual-barrel air rifles carried in that store.

The display packaging used to proclaim that it was the Beeman Model 1073 Air Rifle. Now it shows Beeman Grizzly X2 Model 1073.

The price is the same and the box is otherwise very similar, so what’s changed?

The answer is, “not much but something useful”!

Whether called the Grizzly X2 or Beeman Model 1073, it’s very much the same air rifle. The only change is that the Grizzly X2 is fitted with a protective steel hood over the front sight of both barrels. The Model 1073 featured a simple, unprotected front post that could be damaged if knocked.

So if you pick up a Beeman Grizzly X2, you’ll have protected front sights. That’s a worthwhile improvement.

Archer Airguns carries spare parts for both the Beeman Grizzly X2 and the Model 1073 dual barrel air rifles in our on-line store, as well as for the other dual barrel Beeman pellet rifles.


Roger Felton Monday, 10 October, 2011  

An unbelievable air rifle. Took it out of the box and mounted the scope last night. Decided to sight it in and the very first shot was a perfect pinwheel at 35 yards. Had to take a pic of that. I had expected a long "break in" period before it settled down but the next 5 shots were no more than half the diameter of a .177 pellet apart. No scope adjustment needed right out of the box...incredible. This is the only rifle I care to shoot anymore...and, no, you can't have it! LOL

Mike,  Friday, 09 March, 2012  

I'm also pretty excited,purchased a Grizzly X2 from Walmart. Rifle is a little on the heavy side, but that I like, and is fairly loud. Overall solid rifle so far.

Anonymous,  Friday, 20 July, 2012  

Bought this rifle at wal-mart intending to give it a try out and likely return it. I have owned several similar rifles in years past and all had major issues. Either they were to weak, or couldn't hit squat. I was further concerned with the many blogs bashing these guns a chinese "cheapo". Well, 2 days and about 200 pellets later, i think this gun has found a new home. The accuracy is scary, right out of the box. There is no question it has plenty of power, leaving a serious dent in a washing maching at 100 yards! This was while using the .177 barrel and only compensating a few inches for drop. The only thing negetive about the gunn so far are the plastic sights, that do appear a bit fragile. All in all, this is one heck of a gun for the price. If you have a extra 500 bones to piss away, im sure the fancy German rifles are great, but if you want the best bang for the buck, give one of these a try, doubt you will be in the returns line anytime soon.

Anonymous,  Sunday, 29 September, 2013  

My dad had a beeman rsw2 growing up and still has it..i got the rs2 from big 5 for 140 and its the most reliabul pellet rifle i have ever owned..the tradition continues...

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