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30 September, 2011

New Adapter Allows All 9-Ounce Paintball Tanks to be Used on QB79 and AR2079 Air Rifles

We now have available the Archer Airguns Paintball Tank Adapter for QB79. This new accessory simply screws into the existing thread of your QB79 or AR2079 and provides the necessary clearance to allow the use of any 9-ounce CO2 paintball tank with these air rifles.

Over the years, 9-ounce paintball tanks have grown in diameter from 2-inches of older steel tanks to the 2 1/8-inches (or more) of recent alloy tanks. This change in diameter has meant that many 9-ounce tanks will either not fit the QB79 and AR2079 at all, or they will contact the barrel and ruin accuracy.

Our new Adapter overcomes this problem, allowing you to use 9-ounce CO2 paintball tanks with your QB79 or AR2079 and achieve over 600 good shots per fill with a gun in factory condition.

Beautifully CNC-manufactured from high grade Alumimium, the Paintball Tank Adapter for QB79 is designed to blend well with the design of the air rifle. No parts need to be removed for fitting and it can be clamped into the "vertical" position using the included setscrew. Note that doing so will make a mark in the end of the gun's Tank Block where the screw tip contacts, but this is unlikely to matter as the adapter will probably remain permanently on the gun.

Unlike other previous "fixes" for this problem - such as riser breeches - no parts are removed to fit the adapter and the existing front band remains in place to provide barrel stability. It's easy!


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