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28 June, 2011

At last! Test results from a dry Stoeger X20 Suppressor

As you may have read, I've previously published predictions for performance of the Stoeger X20 Suppressor air rifle in .22 caliber in "dry", non-dieseling state - in other words, representative of the gun's long-term performance.

Today, I found a factory-fresh, dry gun in Archer Airguns Gold Service testing - the first one to date. The test target is posted here and makes an interesting comparison with the predictions I had made for an "average" gun based on the previously-available data.
So, it seems that this test is on the high - that's mostly good - side of my expectations for an average gun in dry condition. But it's pretty close.

I hope that this will be further confirmation of "real world" performance for those reading reviews and tests of the Stoeger X20 Suppressor before deciding to make a purchase of this excellent-value air rifle!


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