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20 April, 2011

New Stoeger X20S Suppressor Zoom Scope Combos Available

In response to many requests from potential customers, Archer Airguns has just introduced two zoom scope combo versions of the Stoeger X20S Suppressor air rifle.

Instead of the factory 4 x 32 scope and rings, we are offering the XS20 Suppressor fitted with a choice of mounted, sighted-in Leapers zoom scopes and solid one-piece mounts.

There's a 3-9x50AO combo and a 4-16x50AO combo.

These combos offer a superior scope/gun combination than the standard factory offering, particularly for hunting where the quiet shooting characteristics of this air rifle are of considerable use. The larger objective lenses give a brighter image and the much greater magnifications of these scopes will aid accurate shot placement. And, this gives a choice of mil-dot scopes on Stoeger air rifles as standard for the first time.

This is a unique offering from Archer Airguns. I hope that you will find it of interest!


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