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10 April, 2011

Choose Your Own QB78 Mounted Scope Combo!

Many people have asked for us to mount their choice of scope on a new QB78-family air rifle. Now Archer Airguns has a service that lets you choose your own "ready to shoot" air rifle and scope combo!

If you order this service with the purchase of a QB78 family air rifle, plus one of the Leapers scopes that we sell and suitable Leapers rings or mounts from our store (may be included with some scopes), you will receive the complete combo sighted-in and ready to shoot, straight out of the box.

This service includes the following features:
- fitting the scope rings or mounts to the air rifle
- checking the scope for functionality
- fitting and testing the scope battery (if the scope uses one)
- positioning the scope for correct eye relief for the average user
- mounting the scope into the rings or mounts
- test-firing at 10 yards
- a 3-shot test target that demonstrates the point of impact "in the black" of the bulls eye
- a Plano hard-sided rifle case - a $25.00 value

(Guns with mounted scopes will not fit into standard factory packaging for shipment, so the case is required)

Your own combo is shipped to you in the Plano hard-sided rifle case which, in turn, is packaged inside a plain, corrugated card box for security .


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