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02 February, 2011

QB6 Air Rifle Performance Test

Yes, I know that we're not offering the QB6 folding stock air rifle with "Gold Service", but I couldn't resist doing a quick test on one of these interesting pellet guns. And I'm sure that one of our customers will not be to unhappy to find his/her gun was tested for free!

Here's the "Gold Service" test target...

Right up-front, I'll say that I would re-shoot for accuracy if a customer paid for this test. You can see that I "pulled" two shots over to the left. But the remainder all went in the same place, making a good group only 0.375-inches wide and 0.5-inches high. Not too bad for 8 shots from our QB6...

Muzzle velocity was right around 500fps - as you can see. This is what I'm finding typical for the .22 caliber versions. The standard deviation of only 5.47 fps did surprise me, however, as this is extremely good consistency for ANY spring-powered air rifle "straight out of the box". And trigger pull came in well under 5lbs which, again, I feel is good performance at this price.

There's nothing wrong with this QB6!


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