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22 February, 2011

Chinese Airgun Portal

Here's an interesting website to view! The "Chinese Airgun Portal" gives much useful information, including links to the Chinese airgun manufacturers' own web sites. This should help resolve some of the confusion about which factory makes what product - although not necessarily where you see the same gun featured on multiple factory sites.

Also included is a useful list of "clones", both where one design copies another and where the same gun is known by several different names, eg QB78 = Tech Force TF78 = SMK XS78.

Another page provides links of vendors for both US and European (primarily UK) sources of parts, accessories etc for Chinese air rifles.

Take a look, there's a lot to read!

Thanks to "Brutuz", the site owner, for providing permission to make this post about his site. He's open to more information, so please contact him via the instructions on his site if you have material to add.


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