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16 April, 2014

Read the Latest Issue of Airgun Hobbyist for Free...

...or at least part of it!

If you've wondered what Airgun Hobbyist magazine is like to read before making a subscription, now you have a chance to read the first 10 pages of the latest issue at no charge.

Airgun Hobbyist is now giving an online view of the first 10 pages of the latest issue. Here you can read a major report on the 2014 SHOT Show with lots of interest about many of the new products being introduced this year.

The Airgun Hobbyist online demo is here:

It looks like this. Simply click on the page corner to turn to the next page.

You can subscribe to Airgun Hobbyist - or order the latest issue - from Archer Airguns online store.

If you buy the latest issue in hard copy, you'll also see many airgun reviews, including the one written by Stephen Archer and Paul Manktelow on the new Remington Express air rifle.


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