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21 November, 2013

But Wait - There’s More! Archer Airguns Provides a Second Gift for the Yellow Forum 2013 Christmas Spirit Raffle.

The second gift offered by Archer Airguns for the Yellow Airgun Forum 2013 Christmas Spirit Raffle is this beautiful Benjamin SuperStreak model B1500STM air rifle.

The .177 caliber air rifle has been used mainly as a photographic model by us - it’s in completely “as new” condition having been fired less than 50 shots. And that includes the 10 shots used to generate the Gold Service test target that’s supplied with it!

This SuperStreak is offered complete with a mounted, sighted-in 4 - 15 x 40AO Adventure Class CenterPoint scope. The stock is also beautifully camo-dipped with an attractive Proveil Reaper pattern chosen to match the brushed steel surface of the barrel and compression tube.

This is an air rifle that will be ideal for hunting small game. It’s a powerful, long and heavy air rifle that requires strength to cock and shoot.

As you can see from the test target below, this gun delivers a genuine 1,000+ fps with “real world” 8.64 grain pellets for a muzzle energy close to 21 ft/lbs. This is a genuine magnum springer!

This gun is valued at around $250 and it could be yours, free, if you are a winner of the Yellow Forum 2013 Christmas Spirit Raffle.

Good luck!


James Moreau Thursday, 21 November, 2013  

Awesome donation. Question... Consider it a newbie question. Does Yellow Forum ever accept new members?

Stephen Archer Friday, 22 November, 2013  

New members are always accepted by the Yellow Forum. This recent post by the Forum owner gives details

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