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03 May, 2013

An Interesting QB57 Project Gun

Here is an interesting QB57 air rifle project built by Doug, another Archer Airguns customer. He writes...


Here's the project gun. I decided to go the bed liner route, in case I want to go back to the wood look at some future point. I did wipe off the 'purple' Chinese varnish with acetone. The stain under the varnish actually looks more walnut like. Anyway, after a tune with a custom top hat in the piston, some silicone RTV in the rear spring guide to damp vibrations, a little flattening of the spring ends, some tar on the spring, and some moly-60 on the appropriate points, it's a sweet shooter. I addes an airsoft 'silencer' for looks. The scope is a 2.5X shotgun scope."

Doug, thanks! That's an excellent QB57 upgrade.


Fred,  Tuesday, 04 February, 2014  

Nice job on your QB57....I like the black tactical look, it fits the look of the gun. What method did you use to attach the "suppressor" to the barrel? Is it permanent or can it be removed?, Fred

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