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06 February, 2013

Fitting Weaver Base Rod Dot Sights to Crosman Steel Breeches.

Red dot sights are very suitable for use with Crosman 1377 and 2240 type air pistols. But the vast majority of these sights are supplied with Weaver bases. So what's the best way to mount a red dot sight on a 1377 or 2240?

This photo shows a Leapers Red/Green Dot Sight (Model SCP-DS3068W) mounted onto a 1377 with steel breech and using the Leapers DTP Adapter. Yes, there's just space to load a pellet!

Step one is to fit a Crosman Steel Breech to your pistol as this gives considerable added strength to the pistol. It also provides long airgun dovetails for mounting optics.

Step two is to use the Leapers Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adapter. This comprises two tiny adapters that fit inside the Weaver bases of a red dot sight (or scope rings). When the Weaver base is clamped into position, the adapter fits tightly onto the dovetails. The result is almost invisible and it works perfectly!

The DTP Adapter parts fit into the Weaver mounts of the red dot sight like this.

I tried fitting other types of Weaver adapter to the Crosman Steel Breech and - while they did work - the height of the adapters caused the pistol to shoot low, in some cases outside the elevation range of the red dot sight used for the test. This was particularly noticeable at close ranges - 5 to 6 yards - and this gives the Leapers DTP Adapter a big advantage as it is so shallow.


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