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04 January, 2013

Stoeger X20 air rifle test results. Great quality for the best price!

The Stoeger X20 Air rifle is somewhat overshadowed by it's more "sexy" sibling, the X20 Suppressor, but it offers great value for money at just $159.99.

Offering a good quality wood stock, and a better 3-9 x 40AO scope than the X20 Suppressor, the "regular" Stoeger X20 offers similar excellent performance for around $40.00 less cost - so long as noise level is not a consideration.

Not that the X20 is loud - it's about average for it's type and muzzle velocity - but it is about twice as loud at the X20 Suppressor version.

As for "real world" performance, take a look at this Gold Service test target for a .177 caliber X20 that we shipped to a customer today. As you can see, the gun is as accurate as can be - the 10-shot group size is more a result of my shooting ability than the accuracy of the air rifle - while muzzle velocity is excellent and very consistent, just look at that excellent 5 fps standard deviation for a new spring/piston air rifle that's not yet broken in.

Muzzle energy comes in at a very respectable 14.6 ft/lbs and that's combined with an easy to cock mechanism and a size and weight that aid accurate shooting. X20s are not very hold-sensitive either, at least in my experience, another benefit for this quality air rifle.

The Stoeger X20 could be one of the best air rifle bargains out there right now. And Archer Airguns has a very special price of $159.99 on the wood stock version in both .177 and .22 caliber.

The Stoeger X20 certainly qualifies as an airgun secret that you should take advantage of!


MattC,  Sunday, 06 January, 2013  

I have an x20. It consistantly gives me great accuracy (UP TO 20YDS In my experience so far) Another point is the standard scope is quite good and the wood stock is nicely done. It is a great under appreciated rifle.

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