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11 May, 2011

New Universal QB78 Bulk Fill Adapter Allows Bulk Filling Any QB78

Archer Airguns has just introduced a solution to the "leaking bulk fill end cap" problem highlighted in this blog on 11 February.

This new Archer Airguns Bulk Fill End Cap will work with all QB78, AR2078 and AR2078A air rifles, including those with the new vent hole positioned 10mm from the end of the tube.

To produce this new bulk fill end cap, the factory product is first completely disassembled. Then a new O ring slot is carefully machined in a precise location on the end cap body. The cap is then carefully re-assembled, with a new O ring fitted in the additional slot.

The result is a product that will work when bulk-filling ANY QB78 or AR2078 air rifle, whatever vent hole position has been used in the main tube during manufacture.

Of course, this bulk fill end cap also fits the QB78 "clones", such as the Tech Force TF78, TF79 and SMK XS78, allowing them to use bulk fill whatever the position of the vent hole on those air rifles.


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