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29 January, 2011

New Parts Kits for QB36-2 and B3-1 Air Rifles

People kept asking - and finally we have them!

The latest new products at Archer Airguns are two official factory parts kits for the QB36-2 and Shanghai B3-1 air rifles.

The QB36-2 parts kit contains a replacement factory main spring, two breech seals and a main piston seal for this powerful air rifle - together with a tube of oil and a cleaning kit. These parts also fit the Tech Force TF99 which, of course, is exactly the same air rifle sold under different branding.

A similar parts kit is also available for the Shanghai Airguns-manufactured Industry Brand B3-1, B3-1 and B3-4 models.

These are the underlever guns with the sprung steel cocking lever catch. This kit will also fit the corresponding Tech Force models - TF 34 and TF38. These models look like the ones shown here.

Of course, there are many different B3 air rifle models, including side lever guns and versions manufactured by BAM and other Chinese manufacturers, as well as by Shanghai Airguns over a long period. The parts from this kit MAY fit some of these other models, but I've not tested this so please don't buy for other B3 guns unless you have a sense of adventure and will tolerate disappointment if you get unlucky with your particular gun...


Anonymous,  Wednesday, 06 April, 2011  

i just need the clip that holds the cocking lever in place. mine snaped when a pulled the lever of it to load you sell just that part???

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 06 April, 2011  

Sorry, we only have that part included with the cleaning kit. That's how we buy them from the factory.

Anonymous,  Thursday, 29 September, 2011  

Dear Stephen,

I need bi-pod for my B3 air rifle. I don't know which one? Could you please advise me? Thanks in advance

Stephen Archer Friday, 30 September, 2011  

My advice would be to NOT use a bipod with a B3 - or any spring/piston air rifle. This is because the accuracy will very likely be badly affected by having the front of the gun firmly supported. Best accuracy will be obtained using a loose "Artillery Hold".

Nathan Sunday, 11 March, 2012  

Do they sell the trigger Assembly for this rifle. The trigger return spring on my rifle broke and I am looking for a replacement spring.

Unknown Thursday, 23 January, 2014  

need to find the white plastic piece inside the breach that seals the breach and the barrel together if any one can help find the peice it would realy help.

Stephen Archer Thursday, 23 January, 2014  

David, This should be the part you need. These breech seals fit a wide variety of Chinese side lever and under lever air rifles. They're available from stock.

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