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02 December, 2010

Stoeger X10 and Crosman Quest 1000X Review and Comparison

The Stoeger X10 and the Crosman Quest 1000X are "the same" air rifle. Both are manufactured by BAM in China and carry US brands. Both are based on the B18/19 platform and have similar specifications. So why does the Stoeger cost over $20 more than the Crosman. And is it worth it?

I've been asking myself these questions for some time. So, in order to answer them - at least to my own satisfaction - I compared the two guns side-by-side. Having done this, it seemed that others might be interested, too. You can read my report here.

Stoeger X10 and Crosman Quest 1000X

Yes, I know that I sell the X10 and not the Quest, but I was frankly surprised in the detail differences between these two guns that are supposedly "the same" and how they add up. Here's why:

- In a side-by-side test, the Stoeger X10 provided much higher muzzle velocity and improved accuracy over the Crosman Quest 1000X.
- The X10 has a mounted, sighted-in scope. The Quest supplies the same scope and mounts but requires the customer to assemble and sight-in.
- The X10 stock is significantly superior in wood, finish and shape.
- The Stoeger has an excellent automatic safety, the Crosman's is manual only. Remembering that these air rifles are mostly purchased by shooters with limited experience, this is a big safety feature.
- Open sights on the X10 are much better than the Quest.
- The X10 has a scope stop slot milled into the receiver, compared to the screw-on Quest scope stop.
- Overall "feel" and appearance of the X10 that of a more expensive gun. The Quest looks and feels like a cheap gun.

Based on this analysis, the Stoeger X10 is clearly the superior gun. But please read and make up your own mind...


Unknown Friday, 03 December, 2010  

The comparison is well put together.
For a Crosman rifle, I would've expected better. They've become so focused on the NP line, their other stuff, in my opinion, have started to slightly suffer.
I have a 500X and looking at the photos of the 1000X you have, I am disappointed at the quality of the hardwood stock of the 1000X.

Stephen Archer Sunday, 20 March, 2011  

Yes, I agree. It looks like the 1000X was definitely specified down to a budget. But I'm sure Crosman knows what they are doing and there's a demand for this performance at the price point.

Anonymous,  Friday, 12 August, 2011  

johnny norway.

i have many air rifles
gamo hunter exstrem 22 cal over priced badly

a hatsan at 44 pa great gun

a benjamin np XL1500 i think the gun is good but can get any accuracy with this gun, the scope providet with the gun is cheap crap

but now the best i bought the stoeger x10 for a month ago, and damm i am supriced this is the best airrifle i ever have shot
i been hitting cans 60 yards away with the scope it comes with this rifle i higly recomendet, i have though upgradet the trigger to a gtrII trigger do this and you have the best air gun money can buy

a last thing dont go for these high power rifles any thing over 1000 feet per second just give you poor accuracy i use only pellets over 9 grains

Stephen Archer Friday, 12 August, 2011  


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Yes, the Stoger air rifles are still a "best by secret" of the airgun world. Their performance is excellent for the price, as you've discovered.

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