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05 March, 2010

New "Silent" Pellet Trap for NRA Targets

By popular request, Archer Airguns introduces a new version of our world-renowned "Silent" Pellet Traps. This new model is specifically designed for use with the 11 1/2 inch x 12 3/4 inch, NRA 10 meter, 12-bull air rifle target, model AR-5/10. As with the other models in our range, this NRA pellet trap is officially-licensed from the basic design devised by Dr Joe Matusic. It brings the benefits of the "Silent" Pellet Trap to the NRA 10 meter target for the first time.

This new Jumbo Trap is available in two forms - assembled and in kit form. Like the other Archer Airguns "Silent" Pellet Traps, the Jumbo Trap uses Duct Seal to catch the pellets and prevent mess accumulating in front of the target face - as happens with other pellet traps.

We suggest you purchase the Duct Seal locally at Lowes or Home Depot to avoid shipping costs, but we have it available from our online store if required.
Above, we have the assembled trap. You can see this in our online store at The photograph below shows the kit version. More details are available here. Both versions are supplied complete with instructions and the assembled version also includes one NRA 10 meter air rifle target.
Video instructions for assembly of the Archer Airguns "Silent" Pellet Trap range are available on YouTube here. Although assembly of the Compact Trap is shown, the same principles also apply to this new Jumbo Trap.

If you shoot NRA 10 meter air rifle, I hope that our Jumbo trap and kit will be of interest to you :-)


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