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10 February, 2010

Stop that QB79 barrel contact problem for good!

One well-known problem with the Industry Brand QB79 air rifles is that a standard 2-inch diameter paintball tank will often touch the barrel of these air rifles - with a consequent bad effect on accuracy.

To be fair, this is not actually the fault of the Shanghai Airgun Company, as the outside diameter of (nominally) 2-inch diameter paintball tanks has increased over the years and now stands at about 2.10 inches. With bad luck, this can cause the tank to contact the barrel when full and fitted.

Enter the JRA Breech Spacer Kit (photo above). This provides an additional 5/16-inch (8mm) of clearance between the barrel and tank on a QB79 or AR2079A air rifle. Archer Airguns has them in stock and also includes replacement transfer port tubing that will increase the muzzle velocity as well (not shown in our photograph)! The barrel then becomes free-floating as it's not possible to use a front band for support with any QB78 air rifle. I've not found this to be a problem in testing, however. If you are purchasing a new QB79 air rifle and don't want to fit the spacer yourself, Archer Airguns will fit it to your new QB79 for a very modest fee.

Our photo below shows the Breech Spacer Kit fitted to a QB79. The increased clearance is evident. This is an excellent addition to your QB79 at an attractive price.


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