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06 November, 2009

The Leapers Tactical Rail Adapter - A Very Uesful Item.

The Leapers Tactical Rail Adapter is a versatile accessory for many air rifles. It clamps to standard airgun rails and allows Weaver mount scopes and sights to be fitted securely. It's also an ideal way to increase the scope rail length found on some Chinese air rifles, providing a 4-inch Weaver rail and allowing for better scope positioning.

Here is is on a QB78 breech.

And here it is in use on my customised QB57.


Anonymous,  Thursday, 04 October, 2012  

Hey Stephen, do u have a little bit more Info about this customized qb57 ?? it looks realy nice.

Greets from Germany

Stephen Archer Friday, 05 October, 2012  

Andre, that is my own QB57.

I refinished the wood, removed the iron sights and fitted a muzzle brake. Also I added Weaver rails to the side of the forend to attach the laser. The tactical adapter rail sits on top, of course. I also extended the butt using our AR2078A Buttstock Extension Kit.

Stephen Archer

Anonymous,  Wednesday, 10 October, 2012  

Hello Stephen, thx for feedback. I like this rails on the side and the muzzle break. :) Where can i get this ??

Greets from Germany

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