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13 October, 2009

Quick Test of the New QB36-2 Air Rifle

In order to answer a question on the Chinese Airgun Forum, I pulled 3 QB36-2s of each caliber out of the rack - making no selection - and measured the muzzle velocities and weights of each. As the results are quite interesting, they seemed worth posting here, too :-)

The guns are new (of course!) but were not dieseling much. I'd rate them as quite dry compared to most Shanghai springers I test. The muzzle velocities should, of course, be understood in that light. These are obviously not "broken in" numbers. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised at the consistency of muzzle velocities (only about +/- 20fps between highest and lowest in each caliber for 5 shots through each gun), this tends to confirm my thought that there's not much dieseling happening here.

The .22 caliber guns ran an average of 750fps with RWS Superpoints. At 14.5 Grains weight, this makes the muzzle energy just over 18 ft/lbs. The manufacturer's official spec is 675fps, so these guns were performing fairly well above that claim.

In .177 caliber, the average muzzle velocity was 990 fps with "The Peak" pointed pellets. At 8.05 Grains average weight, the muzzle energy is around 17.5 ft/lbs. The spec here is 900 fps, so again the manufacturer's numbers are handily beaten.

And for actual weights of the guns...

The .22s came in between 8lbs 8 oz and 8 lbs 11oz each. The .177s (always heavier because there's more metal left in the barrels) were in the range from 8 lbs 12 oz to 8lbs 15oz. The difference in weights between apparently identical guns is due to the stocks - presumably the density of the wood used.

So, that's what I'm finding with these new QB36-2s. The finish looks good, cocking is surprisingly light and the triggers (except on one of the .177s) were much lighter than I expected, too. I didn't measure trigger pull weights, neither did I shoot for accuracy: not enough time!


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